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Sewage Treatment Plant
Made of FRP and mild steel, offered Sewage Treatment Plants use 20 mtr sqr filtration membrane. Known for their automatic operation, these plants adopt MBR technology. Offered plants have 12 months of warranty period.
Effluent Treatment Plant
PLC controlled Effluent Treatment Plants offered by us are reckoned for their long working life and low production charge. These environment friendly plants are simple to operate. Their installation charge is also low.
Industrial RO Plant
Offered range of Industrial RO Purifiers is reckoned for its application specific design. These reliable drinking water filtration systems have low installation charge. Long working life and user friendly mechanism are their main aspects.
Multi Effect Evaporator
These Multi Effect Evaporators are used as waste water filtration plants. Made of 316 grade stainless steel, these plants have semi automatic operation. These are offered with 12 months of warranty.
Swimming Pool Filtration Plant
Swimming Pool Filtration Plants offered by us are known for their long lasting quality and low operating cost. Developed by skilled personnel, these filtration plants require minimal labor charge to operate.
Membrane Bioreactor Plant
Harnessing the synergy of membrane filtration and biological treatment, our Membrane Bioreactor Plants offer unparalleled wastewater purification. Through the combination of physical filtration and microbial degradation, these systems efficiently remove contaminants, producing high-quality effluent suitable for various reuse applications.
Hydro Pneumatic system
Offered Water Pressure Booster Systems are reckoned for their long working life and reasonable price. Designed by skilled personnel, these systems have powerful and energy efficient motor. Rust poof structure of these systems ensures about their long lasting quality.
Fire fighting system
Our state-of-the-art Fire fighting systems integrate advanced technology and robust infrastructure to safeguard properties against fire hazards. From detection to suppression, our comprehensive solutions ensure swift and effective response, minimizing damage and protecting lives in critical situations.
Cooling Tower
Engineered for optimal heat dissipation in industrial processes, our Cooling Towers deliver reliable thermal regulation while conserving energy. With innovative design and efficient operation, our systems maintain peak performance, enhancing the efficiency and longevity of your equipment and processes.
Consumable and Spares

Consumable and Spares Parts help in removing the lead from water and also frees people from multiple diseases such as high blood pressure, nerve damage, and low fertility. These spares remove dissolved materials as well as contaminants from the water making it purified for drinking and other uses too.

Ultra Filtration System
Employing advanced membrane technology, our Ultra Filtration systems provide exceptional filtration efficiency for diverse applications. Whether purifying water for drinking or treating industrial wastewater, these systems effectively remove contaminants, microorganisms, and suspended solids, delivering superior water quality and operational reliability.

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